Photo @zvanterve

Photo @zvanterve


Tyler Lillico

Photographer | Cinematographer | digital artist

My photography journey began after tearing both my ACL's in a ski accident while living in Whistler, BC, Canada around 2010. During the long recovery I picked up a camera as a way to learn a new skill and pass the time. My pass-time became a passion and I began creating time lapses and cinemagraphs with the constant desire to create something better and more incredible than anything I'd created before. 

I've stayed on the cutting edge of new techniques in both photography and cinematography in order to anticipate where new technology can push the limits of the art forms I'm privileged to practice.

I aim to continue to push the envelope of what is possible, both in the field, and in post-processing to create eye-catching content that will stand the test of time while maintaining an authentic look and feel with my content. If you want a custom project done please get in touch.