[Hinterlands] - A time lapse film



Hinterlands will be a time lapse film showcasing the natural beauty of the Canadian west landscapes with locations throughout Alberta, The Yukon, and British Columbia. Hinterlands, meaning “the land behind”, will focus on locations off the beaten path in remote areas. Most locations will require significant hiking to reach. This will be a mixed media production with the creation of time lapses, cinemagraphs, and photos. The final time lapse film will be submitted to several film festivals such as the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Project Goals

There’s much more to Western Canada beyond iconic sites like Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. Spots not seen from the side of a road, an hour from a city. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the areas less seen, the hinterlands. We are fortunate to live on such a beautiful planet and it is vital that we protect the natural wonders for future generations to explore and appreciate. You, as a supporter of this project, would receive landscape oriented digital content in the form time lapses, cinemagraphs, and photos.


The project will start and finish in
Calgary, Alberta, Canada taking place between August 1st to 28th. The trip will cover over 6000 km following a loop shown in (Fig. 1) with tentative locations of interest marked. Two camera systems will be used for the production, providing maximum content capture potential. Marked locations contain either hikes or backcountry camping locations where most of the project will
be filmed.


RETURN ON investment

  • All investments into the project in both monetary and product forms will count
    towards deliverables.

  • Gain priority access to licensing of the highest quality time lapses, cinemagraphs and photos from the trip.

  • Sponsorship/support branding in the final Hinterlands film.

  • Requests for additional brand/product specific, exclusive content that aligns with your marketing style but will not be featured in the film.

  • Supporting raising awareness for the environment.

  • Featured at film festivals.

next steps

If you think this project fits the priorities and branding of your company, please contact me at Tylerlillico@gmail.com to begin additional planning. Feel free to contact with any questions you may have about the project, what I can provide to you, and how you can help make the project a success. You may also fill out the form below.

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