Hinterlands Project Day 1

It’s August 1st, I’m ready to roll, but my first planned camping location is Lake O’Hara on August 2nd… Instead of driving the hour-and-a-half to the parking lot the morning I’m scheduled to bus in, I decided to drive out to the area and doing a little bit of exploring. I happened to be passing by the lake Louise area close to sunset so I did was any logical person would do and headed for Moraine lake. At 8 pm on a Wednesday evening in August I figured it would be pretty quiet. WRONG. Still a gong show. The parking lot was still nearly full.

I used my time at Moraine lake to get used to the features and workflow I was planning to use for the remainder of the Hinterlands project. Took a couple time lapses, some video footage for cinemagraphs and a few photos before backing them up on a WD Wireless Pro 3 TB. I’ll write a full review of this product in the future but I can safely say I won’t be needing to carry around my laptop in order to back up footage in the future.

Moraine lake is probably one of the most photographed locations on the planet so it’s always difficult to find a unique composition. Still always an enjoyable place to hang out for a sunset.

This was also my first go at making a cinemagraph using the 4K video of the Nikon D-850. The scene was nearly perfect, however, in testing out the touch screen focus on the back of the camera I accidentally focused on the foreground rocks causing the water to be slightly out of focus so it’s not really up to the quality standards I’m used to.

Nikon D850 - f/10 - 1/25 sec - ISO 100 : Two image focus stack

Nikon D850 - f/10 - 1/25 sec - ISO 100 : Two image focus stack

I’m looking forward to seeing how the in—focus cinemagraphs will turn out. I’ve also got the ability to create 8K cinemagraphs which I can’t see being adopted anytime soon but having the technology to create them is nice and may open some doors.

This first blog post from the trip I will keep short and sweet as the project was meant to really start August 2nd. At the moment of writing this, I’ve nearly finished editing and rendering out all my time lapses from the trip which came in at a total of nearly 200 clips. Two months after starting the process, this is a huge weight off my shoulders and editing of the film can begin.

More to come soon!

Tyler Lillico (TSLPhoto)